The port and main warehouse of Zetsu.

Zetsu (ゼツ, Zetsu) is a port town on the island of Jōki. It is a very small domain, inhabitated by fishers and traders. It holds a few houses as well as a building for storaging and smoking sea creatures. Directly north of it, the forest of Minami No Mori is located. Zetsu is often covered in a thick mist, and the whole area reeks of fish. Most of the inhabitants seem to either stay indoors or out in a boat, living off their trade.


Founded roughly a decade ago, by fishermen originating from Kirigakure, it has become an all but succesful town. The founders had discovered that the area around Jōki's shore was rich with fish, and a highly ambitious and well known fisherman, named Jun Kabochi led the group to a safe landing spot, setting up basic housing. Kabochi convinced them that the closer they were to the vast fishing area, the wealthier they would get in the long run. With the group of fishermen convinced, it was not hard for the desirious Kabochi to lead many trips into the shore's water, and at first, Lady Luck was with them.

The fishing yielded great results, and wealth was on it's way. Jun Kabochi basked in glory, and quickly earned himself a reputation as one of the greatest fishermen that had ever lived. However, fate would not have it so. One day when Kabochi was out fishing, lightning struck, and thunder shattered the quiet dusk. Many of the inhabitants of Zetsu watched Kabochi struggle on his boat, trying to tame the terrible storm. The minutes that passed were immensely hectic, and when the great fisherman's boat finally came back to the town, it was empty.

The people of Zetsu grieved for a time, but soon they went back to their daily fishing trips, and their trading. For a while, everything seemed to be back to where they had been, but they were without Kabochi's strong leadership. Without it, they lost influence. Without influence, they vanished. To this day, hardly anyone remembers the accomplishments made by Jun Kabochi, and Zetsu has been forgotten.