Team Dosu was the name of the fourth squad in Hikagakure. The squad was led by a jōnin-level shinobi Dosu Kinabi and was formed after the members became genin and appeared at Hikagakure as shinobi. It was composed of Nero Alighieri, Hitake Kobayashi, Kokoro Tomosen and Ryukou Keimaru, yet following Dosu Kinabi's betrayal of Hikagakure and defection to Kirigakure, the squad was disbanded.


This team was originally composed of Nero Alighieri, Lily Setsuko and Kokoro Tomosen. Once the new Chūnin arrived in Hikagakure, Lily Setsuko was moved to another squad, being replaced with the current member Hitake Kobayashi. Later on, Ryukou Keimaru was moved from Squad 8 to squad 4.

After the discovery that Dosu was actually a traitor, sent by Kirigakure, the squad was disbanded, and the members were divided over the other squads.


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