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Squad 9

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Kairi Hesla is known as a music prodigy. Growing up in a seemly carefree life in Otogakure, she was later betrayed by her village and abducted by the very people that worked for her father. After her caretaker (who she refers to as her dad) rescued her from certain death, she learned from him and worked along side him. Though it wasn't long before Otogakure found them and forced them to spy on Hikagakure in exchange for their lives and freedom. Now Kairi must do what she must along side her dad to escape the clutches of the Otokage and his Aid.


Kairi was born in the village of Otogakure. She was born to a mother who was the daughter of a music genious and was considered royalty and to a successful Otogakure shinobi. Little did she know, her true father was Escaflowne who was a master thief and died at the hands of the man pretending to be her father. 

Growing up, she had a knack for the arts. The arts including singing, dancing, theatre, and other stuff. Her favorite was being a musician. Kairi is a very talented musician as shown she was able to play one of her grandfather's masterpieces on the piano at 5 years of age. She had also grown up trying to gain the approval of her father, this was due to him being away for long periods of time on missions. Even though he always tells her that he's proud of her she is off rushing to try and do something to keep her father's approval. Her relationship with her mother was a normal one, over the years she would be invited to parties with her mother after performing musical concerts. Her mother was the semi snobby type that used her words to influence people. Kairi picked up on this and acted like her mother did while she was in public. 

At the age of 8 Kairi was enrolled in the academy. Her time in the academy was normal at best, though she was one of the popular kids, due to her family's status in the village. With popularity, came a few enemies. Kids from other rich or noble households were in a constant social battle with Kairi. At first Kairi didn't care, until her mother explained the importance of people accepting you. After that, the games were on as her entire academy career was that of spreading rumors and trying to be more successful and popular than the other girls or even guys that tried to challenge her. With that being said, she worked hard at studying the ninja way and keeping up her practicing for her performing arts. Her hard work paid off with her successfully graduating from the academy. During some point in her academy years, her grandfather died. So when she graduated she remembers back to her grandfather when her 'father' talks about him at the graduation ceremony.

Over the past couple of years Kairi has been with her Jounin sensei and squad mates. She was taught the importance of chakra control and also taught how to both tree and water walk. She had also gone on a few E and D rank missions which didn't have any danger at all, just a bunch of grunt work. During that time, Kairi had help from her father in creating her own jutsu. Telling her to create it from the thing that inspires you the most and she knew that thing was music. After a while, she created the genjutsu Dreamer's Melody which helped her out on a few missions. Kairi was getting recognition from her father and her jounin sensei as well.. Her father was suprised that she was able to do both her shinobi life and her performance life. Though that all changed when the Otokage figured out that Kairi's mother had relations with Escaflowne. The Otokage had ordered that the mother and daughter be killed, but her father managed to stop the attack on the daughter. The mother wasn't soo lucky as her head exploded from what assumed to be a sound based ninjutsu. The father tried to plead Kairi's case with no luck. The Kage ordered for the father to deliver Kairi to one of the secret experimentation bases that was nearest the village. Little did he know that the father was secretly trying to escape with her. Unfortunately, the Kage ordered his aid to follow to make sure the dead was done and saw that they were trying to escape. After a short battle, both Kairi and her father were knocked unconscious. Kairi came to being marched along with other kids to the experimentation labs, but was saved by her real father's former group members. After that they took Kairi in to continue on her real father's legacy against her will. 

At first it was a rough start, not wanting to believe the man she thought was her father had actually killed her real father. Also she did not want to break the law, since she was an official shinobi. It was a long time, before she accepted the fact that her own village turned on her and that she was the daughter of a famous thief. During her time with the group, she learned how to be a thief. Kairi learned how to pick pocket, open locks, and swindle people. At the start she was not good at it, but over time she got better. She even used private performances to steal things from people. Putting them to sleep with her genjutsu helped the stealing process go easier. Even when the times she got caught, she was either beaten or forced to give back what she stole. If someone took her away to be held in a prison, one of the stronger group members would go to save her. They didn't stay in one place for long either. Kairi also had to change her appearance on more than one occasion, by cutting her hair or dying her hair. She also had a wide array of clothes from elegant to street clothes. Everything was going good, until they did a big job in Kirigakure. Unfortunately, they were caught by kirigakure jounin and sentenced to life in prison. Little did she know that the man that pretended to be her father bribed one of the jounin to give her over to him. When she realized what was happening, she cried for joy and ran to embrace him. She didn't care if he wasn't her real father, but only cared that he loved her enough to have her be his daughter. Unfortunately, they had to travel until the heat died down and ensuring that Otogakure shinobi weren’t looking for them anymore.

For the next three years, Kairi and her father travelled the shinobi world. They wouldn’t stay in one place for far too long as they went from village to village. During this time, Kairi was trained by her father in some sound/vibration jutsus. His training regiments were fierce indeed, due to him wanting her to rely on sound and vibrations. When they were in Kusaigakure, her father trained her to use his Sonar jutsu. Kairi was blind folded and told to navigate the forests. It took her a while to get it down, but after a few bumbs, bruises, and scratches from running into things she was able to perfect the jutsu. When they were in Iwagakure, she was trained to use her father’s pitch combo jutsu. Due to how many boulders there were in Iwagakure, he needed her jutsu to be able to leave a dent or at least cause the rock to crack. This was a C rank, so it took a lot of chakra with her not being able to finish the pitches. Over time though, she was able to finish pitches and just in time for them to move to the next place.

Over the next couple of years, Kairi and her father performed odd jobs around different villages. Whether it came from street performances or being shinobi for hire, they were always doing something. Kairi’s father kept her on a strict training regimen to keep her physically fit. All was going fine, until they arrived in the land of whirlpools. Kairi was getting settled in, but then felt sleepy all of the sudden. She was about to lay down to go to sleep, until her father broke her from the genjutsu. “They found us, we need to leave.” said her father. With that, they were about to leave the small place they rented until they saw the Otokage’s aid standing infront of the door. The aid said, “I’m not here to kill you, but I need your help. There is a new village being started in the land of water called Hikagakure and I want you guys to go in and spy on them.” The father looked a bit confused and still on the defensive. He replied, “What if, I say no?” The aid smiled and said, “You die, it’s your choice.” Her father looked at Kairi and she looked back at him. Closing his eyes, her father took a deep breath and said, “Fine, where is Hikagakure.” The aid smiled and said, “Oh not yet, first thing is first young Kairi needs to become a chuunin. That will get you in higher within the village there.” With that, Kairi and her father were shipped back to Otogakure to participate in the chuunin exams.

During the in between moments, Kairi invented a new and stronger genjutsu. This genjutsu she ensured will help her win the chuunin exams. It entailed allies attacking each other to protect her and her allies. She thought it was smart, but she will soon find out when the exams started. A few weeks later, she went into the chuunin exams. Even though they were difficult, she and her newly made up squad completed them and made it to the final rounds. The finals were one on one fights in a labyrinth, which was perfect for her. She would use her sound to take control of the situation, and if anyone got close she had her do re mi combo to keep them at bay. Unfortunately, she almost lost her last fight. Her opponent was an expert at dispelling genjutsu, and excelled in long range ninjutsu combat. Kairi took quite the beating, but was able to outlast the other shinobi. Basically, the other shinobi used too much ninjutsu and tired himself out. With that, she won the title of chuunin and was given her new mission along with her father. With that, they set out to the village known as Hikagakure to see what Kirigakure really had in store.


Kairi has a personality of a trickster, which helps her out in many situations in getting what she wants from people. Generally, it would be difficult to figure out Kairi since she can take on any type of personality. Meaning she could act innocent in one second to throw someone off and act a completely different way in another moment. Even the things she wears can confuse people into thinking she is a completely different person. Generally, she uses this skill to get what she wants or to have someone take care of her until she is well enough to take care of herself. She also uses her words to manipulate people into doing what she wants, which goes deep into her hiding her true self from everyone. When Kairi warms up to someone, they have a chance to see who she really is though it's tough due to her true self being hidden behind another persona. 


Kairi has short purple hair that reaches to her shoulders and hazel brown eyes. Generally, she keeps her hair up just to keep up appearances. Though over the years, her appearance has changed quite a bit. When she was little she had long brown hair. Over the years she has experimented with Dye to change her appearance and also different style hair cuts. It's just recently that she took on this look for her Kirigakure job that failed miserably. She figured she would keep this look unless she saw someone that would recognize her. Though more recently, she has let her natural light brown hair grow out more. This is a promise kept to the late Chisu, that Kairi didn't have a problem doing.


Kairi is well versed in the ways of taking care of herself. From her shinobi life through her thief life, she acquired the abilities and skills to look after herself. She isn't considered a genius, but she is smart for her age. Learning both academic and street smarts it gives her brain a versatile array of knowledge. She is also known as a sound Prodigy being the granddaughter of a famous music composer and that combined with her artistic mind helps her in a wide array of things.


Kairi is a known musical prodigy from Otogakure, she was able to perform a musical masterpiece that was written by her grandfather, flawlessly at the age of 5. Her grandfather was a genius music composer to begin with, but that made Kairi a musical prodigy. She also created a musical genjutsu to help her trick her opponents so that she wouldn't have to directly engage them.


After the events of Otogakure, Kairi traveled with a group of thieves that went under the guise of performers. Through the group, she learned the different arts of being a thief. Learning the basics of thieving from pick pocketing, lock picking, and even being apart of a big time jobs.


Due to her artistic mind, she is good at deceiving people. Treating it like one big play, she becomes different people with different personalities. Whether it is dying her hair, cutting her hair, dressing up in different clothes, etc. She has shown to be adept in deception and disguises.


Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Chakra Hand Seals Total
First 2 1 3 3 1 2 3 3 18

In game Stats

Databook Strength Endurance Agility Intelligence Will Power
First 12 17 106 124 136






  • Kairi has been on the Hikagakure Spying Mission for over a year.
  • The only death Kairi was upset and sad over was Chisu Gensui's.
  • Kairi secretly wishes to destroy all the Samurai presence in Hikagakure with the exception of Jin Meada.
  • According to the imaginary databook(s):
    • Kairi wishes to fight No one.
    • Kairi's favourite food is anything that's healthy to her body, but her favorite drink is Lemonade.
    • Kairi has completed 26 official missions in total: 14 D-rank, 11 C-rank, 1 B-rank, 0 A-rank, 0 S-rank.
    • It is confirmed that Kairi didn't bother learning her element.
    • Kairi wishes to get rid of all the samurai presence in Hikagakure, with the exception of Jin Maeda.

Pre 1st Arc

Kairi Hesla arrived in the village and was quickly given a squad, due to the lack of higher ranked shinobi. With that she dove right into training. She wasn't just training her students, but other students that wanted to train with them as well. Kairi would run training sessions that went over concepts she went over. Also she would run through battle simulations with her squad whenever they had the chance to. Even though 2/3rds of her students never shown up, they were always easily replaced with new students. When she isn't training her students, she could be found playing her guitar or starting a debate amongst the other shinobi and residents of the village. For some reason, they would always escalate into something different. She knew thats how people with different views showed their ideas though, because they always had to be right.

Kairi went on two missions as well, the first was a D rank mission along with her ex student Masakaki. They went to clean up a restaurant. She also went on a C rank mission along with Masakaki, Yosuke, and Jin to rescue some dogs that wandered into bold territory. The dog that Kairi and Yosuke went after was killed by the rogue, but they were able to defeat him. The mission turned out to be a success due to team Masakaki freeing their dog.

Arc 1

Yaso, the head shinobi, told Hikagakure of their attempt for independence and left to go to Kumogakure. With that Dosu was left in charge of Hikagakure and some Kirigakure scouts infiltrated the village to steal some information. Kairi was sent to the western forest along with others to make sure no one entered or escaped. Her group was confronted with a Suiton style user. She stayed hidden while 4 other shinobi fought the user to make sure that there were no other shinobi that would surprise attack her group. Though a shinobi came a long and took away the person that they were fighting. With that the village was safe.

Kairi lost the respect of a couple of genin due to her non participation in the battle and her "unnatural" training methods. Though all in all she kept learning new jutsu and help increase her squad's power in terms of becoming better shinobi and warriors.

She also went on a C rank mission to capture Yagen the bold. Kairi lead a 6 man team consisting of Yosuke, Jin, Yusuke, Masakaki, Ryukou, and herself. When they arrived in bold country, they heard Yagen talking loudly. Kairi split the team up into two man teams with her leading one and Masakaki leading the other. They quickly realized that he wasn't a push over as he activated traps that blew up the trees in their immediate area where the ambush team was hiding. Also the samurai jin was caught in a trap which left him injured. Finally though the team pulled together and overwhelmed Yagen in total chaos with Kairi delivering the final blow to knock him out.

Unfortunately, Kairi missed the event where the Raikage came to make a treaty with Hikagakure. Also she missed the assassin that followed. Kairi regrets it to this day, but she had faith in the abilities of her fellow Hikagakure shinobi to take care of it, and they did. 

During this time, there was a huge uproar with the defection of Dosu. It hit home on a lot of the shinobi in Hikagakure, especially his squad. Though a meeting was called by the chuunin and jounin available at the time to discuss what happened. The only people at the meeting were Shin'Ichi, Kazuma, and Kairi with them all giving their advice on what to do about the current situation. After discussing it, Yaso broke up the squad and placed them into mostly different squads with Kairi taking Nero. To start off with, it was rough having Nero in her squad, but over time he is starting to warm up to his new squad. 

As more time went on, Kumogakure reinforcements showed up to talk to Yaso-sama. Kairi was there this time to question them, but after proving themselves non Kirigakure spies she had to leave. After that she left Kazuma in charge while she went to do something. With that though she missed the public execution which would start a lot of trouble for them. Though with that Kairi kept training her genin in her own advanced training methods, promising them that if they master this training then they would be able to take down higher ranked shinobi. During this time though they performed a D rank mission which sparked some tension between her squad members. Though the mission was completed, Kairi saw that they needed a lot of work on their teamwork. With that she started them with exercises on their teamwork, but never got to complete it. 

Though as time went on, she caught up Nero in their basic training and even had Daichi help them out. Though trouble again showed it's head with the arrival of troops from Kirigakure along with the Daiymo of Hikagakure. Kairi took them to see Yaso-sama and he asked her to stay in with them during their discussion. After a few heated words between the men, they went outside to hear how Yaso-sama was a corrupt man. After wards Kumogakure ships arrived with their back up, they found out what a corrupt man the Daiymo was. After that war seemed to be averted, for now. 

Arc 2

Kairi wasn't there when the genin were evaluated by the Kumogakure shinobi, but heard that Kokoro and Eien did very well. Though it was at this time when the genin started to avert from her training. They were calling it foolish and childish, even though it was to help them out. Even so, Kairi had rolled with the punches and kept on going.

Though during that week, Kairi kept training her team, but it was tough due to them not cooperating with the simplest of instructions. She figured training someone from Dosu's squad was difficult. She figured that it was him that put the rebellious trait inside them with his training. It's true she wasn't Dosu, but she was a member of team nine. With that she tried to get things under together without having a physical confrontation. She wasn't there for Keira either, but still she heard about the whole ordeal.

Times haven't gotten easier for Kairi, but it got a little better when Nero was put on trial. She was sad that it had to be done, but he had to learn so that he could become better as a shinobi. Ultimately, with her input, Nero was stripped of hsi rank and put on probation. With that it was just her Saru, Oken and Iwasa, Yosuke. Though that was the start with her problems with Oken and Masakaki. As time went on, Ryuuga the mountain crusher attacked the village. Kairi lead a team to protect the restaurant and fought a clone of Ryuuga. Though during the fight, the clone poofed, due to the death of Ryuuga. Unfortunately, it cost the life of a genin, Hitake. A funeral was held, but Kairi withheld her speech that she prepared. This was due to everyone knowing that Hitake hated Kairi.

Over the next course, tensions grew high. Kairi knew that she wasn't favored by a lot of the old genin, but the new genin had taken kind of a shine to her. Unfortunately, her squad hadn't shown up as much as she wanted. Also with the recovery of Mori, Oken was taken out of her squad. Though with that it made it a bit more easier. Masakaki wasn't around to criticize her training methods and no one threatening to fight her to prove her dominance. Though she was on the team to try and take out Yosuke's uncle which failed miserably. Also she was on the mission that killed the navigator of Captain Yujen's ship. Though with that she managed to gain some favor.

Arc 3

The exams were here after Yaso-sama returned from the Kage summit. Kairi took part in the registration of genin participating in the exams. Though one of the leaf shinobi turned out to be a spy from Kirigakure and attempted to assassinate Yaso-sama and even some of the people inside. Though the Uchiha managed to save the day by using a space-time ninjutsu and averted the assassination at the cost of his own life. Though that was the least of her worries, when she was fined 500 ryo for psychologically attacking a fellow shinobi after his best friend died. Kairi didn't see it as that, but paid the fine none the less. She may agree with the rules, but not the people upholding it. Though only time will tell. Many things happened over that course of time, with the coming up chuunin exams, but the one thing that stuck out was the attempt on Yaso-sama's life. Luckily a sharingan user saved him, while sacrificing himself in the process. Though many were left speechless, it showed them all , even Kairi, that certain events they had no power over. 

As time went on, there were small events that happened around the village. The main one was the funeral of Kazuma who met his untimely end at the hands of a hunter ninja. Also another event was the Gauntlet that was hosted by Yaku, Saru. Kokoro ended up being the champion of the guantlet which was expected as far as taijutsu goes. Though Kairi wanted to hold a mock exam for the genin, but not enough people showed up. It made her sad, but it was expected, she hoped that they were all ready for the exams anyway. Unfortunately, Kairi wasn't present for the attack by the S rank criminal puppeteer master. It was unfortunate, but she had hoped that she would be able to bring the puppeteer to justice after the death of Chisu.

The funeral of Chisu was held after everything was back in order at the village. It was a sad day, and even Kairi shed a tear in private.For Chisu, Kairi grew her hair back out and had her hair go back to it's original color by not dying her hair purple. Though this made her push the genin more into training for the chuunin exams and some were greatful while others simply walked away. It was all the same to her, figuring that those who want to pass will seek out her help and those that didn't would seek help from others or simply fail. Again, Kairi wasn't present when the S ranked puppeteer returned, but it was good that justice was served when the puppeteer was caught and sent on a ship to Iwagakure.

Arc 4

Kairi was under a lot of pressure, with Yaso-sama pushing her to train more and more of the vetran genin and the newly arrived genin to get them ready for the chuunin exams. She started to notice that the newly arrived genin were more intrested in her training and focused on them for the most part. Though if the vetran genin wanted to participate, they could. Though later on Nobles arrived at the village to examine and check out the genin that were in Hikagakure. This was to see how they would fair in the exams and place bets on them. Kairi went with a small group that talked to a kumogakure jounin. His input was interesting and his stories legendary. Kairi felt now the genin grasped how real and how important the exams are. She had hoped that this little visit would help the genin grasp how real and how close this event was.

With that done, Yaso-sama pushed an idea onto Kairi about the genin. After they talked it out for a bit, Yaso-sama declared that all the genin couldn't go out on C rank missions by themselves and were banned on going out on B rank missions. With that, Yaso assigned Kairi to give each genin leadership classes. Kairi held classes regularly and made them mandatory for each genin if they ever wanted to go on a C rank mission or higher without the aid of a higher up shinobi. At first the turnout was great, but by the 4th and 5th lesson Kairi only had less than a handful of genin (3 or less) show up or ready. Kairi didn't know it, but one of the genin went and told Yaso-sama about the classes and Yaso decided that the classes weren't mandatory anymore. Kairi figured that this would happen due to letting the genin go on a C rank mission by themselves and with them arguing about how she was treating one genin in particular with the classes. She had offered to resign and have Daichi teach, but Yaso kept her incharge of the classes. That was until they weren't mandatory anymore and none of the genin asked for leadership training after that. Them thinking that it was just another waste of time like her other classes. Kairi was a bit sad at this news, but knew that it was going to happen. She now knew how soft these genin were. Though the events that happened after that resulted in a forest fire with a Kirigakure hunter ninja tracking down Rida (a criminal in the kirigakure bingo book). Two teams were sent out, one led by Kairi and another led by Rin. Kairi's team found the Kirigakure hunter nin and assisted him with finding Rida. When they found her, she was being helped by the other team. Though the two took off, they left the two teams to fight their summoned wolves. Kairi's team went to help Masakaki who was kidnapped by a wolf and eventually rescued him. After Rin's team took care of the other wolves, they headed back to the village.

The next week, Kairi's main focus were on the new genin. Her only squad member that still showed up, Yosuke, decided to find training elsewhere in the care of Daichi. Kairi really didn't care, as long as he kept up his training.Though this was around the time that new genin started showing up. One of which Yosuke beat up very badly. Later, Kairi apologized to the genin known as Hakurei and decided to monitor him and keep a closer eye on Yosuke. Though it wasn't long as Kairi saw that the genin weren't ready to teach others. She observed a training session where Yusuke, Kokoro, Yosuke, and Yaku were idly talking with eachother instead of training the two genin like Yaso-sama ordered. This caused more problems with one of the genin, Hakurei. It was like a stroll down memory lane for her as it seemed karma pulled a 180 and gave the genin their just desserts. Though she stopped an attack on Hakurei made by Kokoro. Unfortunately, Yaso-sama intervened before any serious fighting started. With that, she took Hakurei as her student for the time being and had been helping him with his puppeteering. The events that took place in the later days involved them helping two Hunter ninja from Kirigakure locate the body of the late Heishi. They helped find the body to the north of the island and it seemed that Rida won the battle. It was sad, but they knew that it wouldn't be over so quickly. With that, Kairi kept training whoever seeked it.