Character Information and Help

It is here that you can find all information required for creating a page about your character. Below, you will see the template that is required for character creation. Simply copy this template and paste it in your new page, and fill out all of the information that you wish to share. NOTE that you must post this code using the source editor which can be selected at the top right of the editing page. If you post this template using the source editor, it will not work correctly.

To add your character to the list of other characters on the appropriate category page, simply click the bar on the right side of the editing screen or the Categories option at the bottom of your character page and enter the appropriate category name. Remember, the Jounin category page is labeled as "Jōnin" and the Chuunin category page is labeled as "Chūnin", so you must enter either "Jōnin" or "Chūnin" as the categories to be listed as such.


{{character infobox
|character name        = Name
|image                 = placeholder.png
|birthdate             = Birthdate
|gender                = Gender
|age                   = Age
|height                = Height
|weight                = Weight
|bloodtype             = O-
|occupation            = Job
|affiliation           = Village
|team                  = Squad
|ninja rank            = Rank
|nature type           = Element}}'''Name Here''' 
(replace with text)

(replace with text)

(replace with text)

(replace with text)
===Ability #1===
(replace with text)
===Ability #2===
(replace with text)

(replace with text)

(replace with text)